Refueling Solutions

Turnkey RNG Refueling Solutions

OptiFuel is transforming locomotive refueling into a seamless experience with turnkey RNG solutions.

  • On Site 5000 psig Refueling Stations for RNG
  • Mobile Refueling Services with OptiFuel Custom Trailerized Systems
  • Fuel Storage Systems – Gaseous and/or Cryogenic Liquid
  • Tender Car Specific Refueling Systems
  • Fuel Supply Solutions – RNG & Pipeline
  • Grant Support Assistance
  • Refueling Station Co-Ownership Option for Railroad Owners
  • Scalable refueling station deployment for the Line Haul Rail Network

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Using a proven Organic Waste-to-Biofuel Process, the Railroads Can Have 1.5 Billion Gallons of $2 a DGE, -130 CI Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Annually to Decarbonize All 35,000 US Freight Locomotives.

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Creating a Sustainable, Circular Economy

With Affordable, Hard-to-Abate, Total-Zero™ Transportation and Mobile Power Assets Using Low-Cost RNG and Hydrogen Fuels

Infographic: A Sustainable, Circular Economy | OptiFuel

Facilitating Smooth Fleet Transitions

OptiFuel’s Refueling Services & Fuel Station Infrastructure Plan

OptiFuel’s customer focus is underscored by its comprehensive refueling services and fuel station infrastructure plan. This plan addresses not only the capital expenditure challenges related to refueling, but also resolves the logistics and planning burden of combined diesel-RNG fleets. OptiFuel is committed to facilitating smooth fleet transitions from diesel to renewable fuels without disrupting operations.

No Downtime. OptiFuel’s Refueling Solutions Plan provides for line haul operators to run trains in a consist with both old (diesel) and new (RNG) locomotives without changes to routes, distance between stops, refueling time, or capital expense budgets.

Zero Capital Cost Approach. The locomotive and tender refueling facilities will be provided at no capital cost – offsetting an estimated $8.5 billion in infrastructure expense to the railroads. This zero-cost approach is based upon the railroads buying RNG over a ten-year period of around $2.00 a Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE).

Other Markets. Beyond rail, the OptiFuel solution and its unique, modular design that enables flexible fuel options — from affordable renewable natural gas (RNG) to hydrogen fuels and more — makes the refueling systems ideal for the marine, power and other mobile markets as well.

Our Solutions In Action


IHB Going CNG - Railway Age

As part of the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB) CNG Repower Program in 2017, OptiFuel designed and manufactured dual-fuel (diesel and compressed natural gas) locomotive engine systems for integration into the first two of 31 CNG Tier 4 switcher locomotives. The dual-fuel system includes OptiFuel-designed on-board CNG storage units and a trackside CNG refueling station.

This modular CNG station can refuel two locomotives every 15 to 30 minutes in the basic configuration and four locomotives every 15 to 30 minutes in a growth configuration.

Markets We Serve:

Renewable Natural Gas Powered Locomotive - OptiFuel


RNG Mobile Power Generation | OptiFuel Systems

Power Generation

OptiFuel's Total-Zero™ 650 hp RNG-Powered Semi-Truck


LNG-Powered Tow Boat | OptiFuel Systems


RNG Fuel Supply

RNG Fuel Supply

Refueling Solutions

Refueling Solutions