Power Generation

Total-Zero™ Hybrid Power Generators for Standby Power & Microgrids

Modular. Flexible. Reliable.

OptiFuel’s RNG Hybrid Power Generation solutions provide Total-Zero™ carbon emissions for small to large scale back-up generation, emergency power supply, stationary power & microgrid solutions.

OptiFuel’s Total-Zero Hybrid EV Charging Support solutions offer net-zero carbon emissions without the need for an expanded electrical power grid, with support for Level 2 and Level 3 charging installations in areas with challenging power availability and/or cost.

Less than 1/3 the cost of a fuel cell system (which still emit NOx emissions)

Modular Hybrid Power System designs allow for output configurations from 350 KW up to 10+ MW. All the modules are mounted to trailer or skid frames via ISO locks to allow for rapid replacement/repair of any system component.
Utilize existing pipeline infrastructure or bulk CNG/RNG delivery and provide 24/7/365 availability.

Meets the California Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rapid deployment — single trailers with everything needed for power supply, no external coolers or emissions control, on-board buffer fuel storage, buffer batteries, and UL/NEC Switchgear. Trailers can be connected together to support any power need.

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ RNG/CNG Fueled Generator System — Portable & Skid

Available in ranges from 365 kW to 1.3 MW

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Portable RNG Generator
OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Skid-Mounted RNG Generator

Target Performances

Total Power

1.4 MW @ 480VAC, 60Hz

Energy Storage

2000 diesel-gallon equivalent storage (28 MWh-equivalent)


20 hours @ 1.4MW output

NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions

NOx rating of 0.00 g/bhp-hr and PM of 0.00 g/bhp-hr

Total-Zero™ RNG 1.3MW Power Generator 48’ Trailer with 650hp RNG Hybrid Class 8 Tractor

Total-Zero™ RNG 1.4MW Power Generator 48’ Trailer with 650hp RNG Hybrid Class 8 Tractor


OptiFuel Custom Power Distribution Module with UL/NEC Compliant Switchgear – 480/3/60 Output.

Easy Maintenance

All modules utilize ISO Locks for ease of maintenance and repair in the field.

Flexible Fuel Options

Module includes on-board connections for both high pressure CNG storage (for bulk CNG/RNG supply – no pipeline) and low pressure compression systems (for areas that have existing natural gas infrastructure), allowing for ultimate flexibility without the hassle of storing diesel fuel on-site.


Four (4) 380KW OptiFuel/Cummins X15N Hybrid Power Modules


650HP RNG/CNG Hybrid Class 8 Tractor with 175 DGE on-board CNG/RNG storage.

Power Generator Block Diagram

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