Total-Zero™ Marine Power & Propulsion Systems

OptiFuel provides a realistic, affordable, single-source solution for US Ports to eliminate nearly 51% of their emissions.

Custom integrations for shipbuilders

Repower solutions for harbor craft

Cost-effective & durable heavy-duty power solution for tugboats, ferries, and other harbor craft

Snap-in modules can be stacked to meet variable horsepower demands

Did you know?

U.S. habor craft — including tugboats, workboats, ferries, and barges — burn 2.5 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year.

Repowering all US harbor craft with OptiFuel’s US Coastguard-certified zero emission RNG marine engine and propulsion system would reduce diesel exhaust emission at the average US port by 23%. Replacing switcher locomotives at that ports would eliminate another 28% of emissions, reducing total diesel exhaust emissions at the average US port by 51%.

Projection based on actual emissions at Port of Los Angeles (Source: 2020 Emissions Inventory Highlights)

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RNG Fuel Supply

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