Total-Zero™ RNG & Hydrogen Locomotives

At OptiFuel, customization, future transitions & on-rail maintenance come standard.

Diesel-like power with zero emissions

Zero NOx and particulate matter criteria emissions and negative carbon intensity

Seamless fleet transitions at an affordable cost, without disruption to operations
Customizable in ranges from 500hp to 6100hp

Flexible fuel options — choose from renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and biodiesel

Turnkey refueling solutions — from delivery services to fuel stations

Grant Support Assistance. OptiFuel Systems actively supports railroads by providing comprehensive grant support assistance, guiding them in identifying relevant grants and facilitating the preparation of grant applications through a collaborative process. Contact us to learn more ›

OptiFuel Total-Zero™  Locomotives

Zero emission locomotives boasting power options from 500hp to 6100hp.

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Center Cab Switcher Locomotive

Total-Zero™ Center Cab Switcher Locomotive

RNG or Battery-Electric

800hp – 1500hp
45′ platform
Starting at $1.5 million

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Switcher Locomotive

Total-Zero™ Switcher Locomotive

RNG, Hydrogen or Battery-Electric

1000hp – 2200hp
52′ platform
Starting at $1.5 million

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Road Switcher Locomotive

Total-Zero™ Road Switcher Locomotive

RNG or Hydrogen

2000hp – 3000hp
62′ platform
Starting at $2.5 million

TotalZero™ RNG or Hydrogen Hybrid Switcher Locomotives

Total-Zero™ Line Haul Locomotive


4500hp – 5600hp
80′ platform
Starting at $5.5 million

TotalZero™ RNG or Hydrogen Hybrid Switcher Locomotives

Total-Zero™ Commuter Locomotive

72′ platform

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Decarbonizing U.S. Locomotives

How do RNG, diesel, hydrogen & batteries compare in terms of power, distance and cost to transition heavy-duty fleets from diesel to clean power?

Cost to Decarbonize the US Locomotive Fleet Over 30 Years

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Renewable Fuel Options for Locomotives Comparison Chart | OptiFuel Systems

Refueling Solutions

ALL OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Locomotives are delivered with a complete TURNKEY refueling solution.

Our turnkey refueling program covers everything from delivery services to fuel stations, ensuring that customers only pay for fuel and not costly infrastructure.

  • On-Site 5000 psi Alternative Fuel Stations
  • Mobile Refueling Services
  • Fuel Storage Systems
  • Tender Cars
  • Fuel Supply
  • Grant support specialist
  • Co-ownership fuel station option for railroad
  • Scalable fuel station deployment for line haul network

Watch an RNG Locomotive Refuel:

OptiFuel is committed to rail for the long haul.

Locomotives have a 30+ year life and the most stringent performance demands of all industrial equipment. Trains haul as many as 150 cars long distances and up steep terrain — making both torque and horsepower paramount. Equipment that can meet these performance requirements is both rare and coveted.

OptiFuel partnered with Cummins and BAE Systems to create an integrated power system that provides railroads access to some of the most advanced and reliable technology in the world with the assurance of long-term support, scalable manufacturing, and an affordable price.

Modular & Scalable Design

OptiFuel’s novel modularity makes customization, future transitions, and on-rail maintenance possible.

OptiFuel RNG Locomotive with Modular Power


Advanced power system achieves equivalent torque rating and broader horsepower range than traditional diesel powertrains by managing engine, generator, and battery power for optimal performance.


Multi-engine engineering keeps locomotives running even with an engine down.


Pods can be added, removed, replaced or reconfigured, offering the versatility to change fuel types or make horsepower & torque adjustments for differing needs over the locomotive’s 30+ year life.


OptiFuel’s novel modular engineering and world-class manufacturing partnerships provide customers unrefuted reliability and performance at an affordable price.

5600 Hp, 2,500 DGE RNG / 4500 hp, 600 Kg Hydrogen Line Haul Locomotive with AC Traction

OptiFuel’s Total-Zero™ 5600 hp RNG-Electric Line Haul Locomotive Specs

9,000 DGE RNG or 2,500 Kg Hydrogen, 2450 hp Powered Tender with AC Traction

OptiFuel’s 2500 hp Total-Zero™ Powered Tender Specs
11,800 DGE RNG or 2950 Kg Hydrogen Tender
OptiFuel’s 2500 hp Total-Zero™ Powered Tender Specs

Discover Sustainable Rail Power: Turning Waste into Locomotive Fuel

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The power of world-class partnerships.

Our partnerships provide customers with the most advanced and reliable technology in the world, with the assurance of long-term support, manufacturing scale, and efficient cost.

CAF Group
Powerhouse Rail
TMV Control Systems
New York Air Brake

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