Hydrogen Fuel Solutions

Hydrogen can be produced from various renewable sources, such as wind, solar, or biomethane, advancing long-term promise for a sustainable and diverse fuel supply.

Unlocking the Future of Rail Transportation with Hydrogen Power

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable rail operations. OptiFuel is leading the charge in revolutionizing locomotive propulsion by harnessing the power of hydrogen in switcher locomotives.

OptiFuel Total-Zero™ Center Cab Switcher Locomotive
Refueling RNG-Powered Locomotive

Repower your switcher fleet with these compelling benefits:

Zero Emissions, Cleaner Air. Hydrogen-powered locomotives emit only water vapor, eliminating harmful pollutants and contributing to cleaner air in urban and industrial areas. OptiFuel’s commitment to zero-emission solutions aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce the environmental footprint of transportation.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Hydrogen fuel cells boast high energy efficiency, providing an effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel engines. OptiFuel’s hydrogen-powered locomotives optimize energy use, delivering superior performance while minimizing resource consumption.
Innovation in Infrastructure. OptiFuel leads the way in developing EPA-certified zero-emission locomotive power systems and FRA concurrent onboard fuel storage systems for hydrogen-powered locomotives, providing turnkey solutions that support the seamless integration of this advanced technology into existing rail networks.

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OptiFuel Total-Zero Locomotives & Rail Solutions

OptiFuel Total-Zero Locomotives & Rail Solutions

Download OptiFuel’s Introductory Product Brochure to learn more about our RNG, Hydrogen, and Battery-Electric Total-Zero™ Switcher & Line Haul Locomotives, how our modular, scalable locomotive design makes customization, future transitions, and on-rail maintenance possible, and more.

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