Meet Our Team

Wolfgang Fengler

VP Fuel Tender Engineering


Wolf is a tenured mechanical engineer with extensive experience working to advance alternative fuels in the rail industry, including specific work with the American Association of Railroads to develop tender car standards.

He serves as Vice President of Onboard Fuel Storage Systems for OptiFuel Systems, LLC. A cum laude graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a BS in Design & Control and an MS in Heat & Mass Transfer, Fengler brings a broad background of technical expertise to the project. During his tenure at UCLA, he completed an internship at the modern campus cogeneration plant, his first experience working with CNG and RNG.

Mr. Fengler began his career with Honeywell where he was responsible for the heat transfer and volumetric modeling of the NASA Advanced Inflatable Airlock project as well as the development of PEM fuel cell power systems. At General Electric, Mr. Fengler developed SOFC fuel cell system controls and balance-of-plant packaging. While at GE, he served on the site safety committee and earned his Six Sigma Green Belt with special training in Lean Manufacturing and Design for Manufacturing and Quality. In addition to working with several companies developing alternative energy-powered locomotives, Mr. Fengler’s professional experiences have also included contract development of prototype hardware for automotive and other OEMs and the techno-economic evaluation of a wide variety of power production technologies.

Mr. Fengler first became involved in alternative energy applications for rail in 2010 when he became the lead engineer designing a natural gas-fueled linehaul locomotive and tender for another organization. This pioneering work led to editorial involvement in creating the AAR M-1004 standard for fuel tenders and a position with a CNG tank manufacturer interested in pursuing opportunities in the rail market. Mr. Fengler has consulted on a number of other rail-related projects covering locomotive and passenger equipment and is familiar with EPA, FRA, AAR, APTA, and Amtrak standards. He currently serves on two CSA committees which are developing standards for alternative energy propulsion systems for locomotives and continues his support for the AAR M-1004 standard.