Meet Our Team

Scott Myers

CEO & President


Scott D. Myers, the founder and CEO of OptiFuel Systems, brings a wealth of experience and leadership in the realms of systems engineering and autonomous technologies. With a background in mechanical engineering, Myers consistently demonstrates his ability to innovate industry-leading technologies, scale startups, and drive profitable global organizations.

In 1999, Myers marked a significant milestone when his first independent venture, F&M Manufacturing & Robotic Systems Technology, was acquired by General Dynamics, underscoring his prowess in launching, scaling, and successfully selling startups. With sheer determination and no external capital, Myers founded the company in 1990, securing an $8M contract within 5 months. Myers emerged as the driving force behind securing R&D contracts for the Department of Defense’s autonomous tactical robotics programs, winning significant contracts such as STV ($8M), MDARS ($17M), and Demo III ($50M). Recognizing the limitations of teleoperation, Myers aggressively pursued UGV autonomy in 1994, pioneering sensor, perception algorithm, and operator control development for soldiers. Notably, he diversified the company’s portfolio by identifying, developing, and growing new business lines every two years, securing high-net-margin contracts. His strategic acumen led to winning the US Army’s $76M 56/56 Smoke program in 1994, and F&M Manufacturing became a trusted contract manufacturer for over 25 prominent entities including the US Postal Service, GE, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Becton Dickinson.

Joining General Dynamics Robotics Systems (GDRS) as President, Myers spearheaded efforts in autonomous systems and positioned GDRS to win large design and production programs that integrated into the Army’s future forces. With the first 3 years, Myers grew the commercial contract manufacturing business line to over $70M a year with net margins of 20%. Under Myers’ leadership, GDRS reorganized into a matrix organization, achieving CMMI 3 certification and growing 300% with over 600 personnel in five years. The GDRS team, under Myers’ guidance, drove value-driven R&D, advancing robotic perception algorithms, tactical behaviors for UGV/Soldier collaboration, and human-robot interfaces. Programs included the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance program ($75M), Mobile Detection Assessment Response System production program ($24M), Vetronics Technology Integration program ($23M), Demo III continuations programs ($75M), Autonomous Navigation System program ($185M), and the heavily competed Unmanned Surface Vessel program ($24M), which applied unmanned systems technology to Navy applications.

In 2010, Myers launched EcoDual Inc, introducing a patent-pending dual-fuel system revolutionizing Class 6/7/8 diesel/JP-8/kerosene trucks. This innovative system allowed vehicles to operate on up to 80% natural gas (CNG or LNG), reducing fuel costs by 50% and achieving payback for fleet truck owners in less than 12 months.

Realizing the need accelerate the innovation of next-generation power technologies to decarbonize the transportation sector, Myers founded OptiFuel in 2013, securing an R&D contract to repower diesel locomotives for the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) Railroad using dual-fuel (diesel/CNG) technology. Advancing the dual-fuel technology success he had created at EcoDual for 500hp trucks into 1500hp – 5000hp locomotive power systems would be a significant challenge. Myers constructed a small but powerful team, and in 2019 unveiled four dual-fuel switcher locomotives (Tier 4) together with the first ever CNG fuel station for a railroad. In 2019, the EPA announced plans to enforce a policy mandating the transition of US railroads to zero-emission by 2050 (Tier 5). It was a pivotal moment—Myers rallied his small team to chart a path to zero emissions in rail.

Known for his exceptional leadership skills, Myers is recognized for building strong teams, advancing R&D efficiently and strategically through highly visible grant program demonstration projects, and rapidly scaling manufacturing operations to create profitable, global sales enterprises. His strategic vision, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, continues to drive OptiFuel Systems towards new frontiers in clean energy and autonomous technologies.