Meet Our Team

Cynthia Heinz



Cynthia is a seasoned corporate executive, board member, and advisor who has served in roles spanning corporate finance, strategic planning, communications, and operations over a 20+ year career. Demonstrating adept change management skills, she is recognized for repeat successes in startups, critical transitions, and strategic growth initiatives.

Cynthia brings a strong history of leadership through roles as an investor, founder, consultant, and corporate executive. As Managing Partner at FDLD Holdings, Cynthia sourced and managed strategic investments across renewable energy, transportation, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor technology, and consumer products. Over 14 years (2007 – 2020), she managed a real estate investment portfolio for a family office.

Heinz’ early career began in finance at Merrill Lynch, where she quickly gained recognition for her analytical abilities. As the youngest licensed associate in the region, she obtained Series 7, Series 63, and CFM certifications while still an undergraduate. Building on this financial foundation, she transitioned from the financial markets to the corporate market in 2001, earning growing respect throughout her career for her ability to drive value through astute business analysis and execution of sound financial strategy. From 2001 through 2009, she built her corporate career in roles across residential real estate, industrial services, and media.

Joining a $1.5 billion oncology management company in 2009, Cynthia propelled regional development by over 300% in 2.5 years. She facilitated the establishment of the first known private practice multidisciplinary head & neck cancer tumor board in the United States – a prospective treatment collaborative that became recognized for achieving superior outcomes and grew to become one of the most respected, highest volume programs in the nation. She then spun off the San Antonio division from its parent company Vantage Oncology and expanded the footprint of Oncology San Antonio through the launch of The Urology and Prostate Institute. Cynthia started her own healthcare consulting firm, Cynex Consulting, in 2014, advising 16 companies across multiple medical specialties over the next 3 years. In 2017, she took a one-year assignment as Vice President of Laboratory Operations to lead crisis management operations and execute critical business transitions for a $1 billion healthcare company. After completing that role in 2018, she served as Founder & CEO of two companies, BioConnetiX and The Healthcare paper Company, before starting her own venture capital firm in 2020.

Heinz has worked with the OptiFuel team since 2021, initially serving in an advisory role. In 2022, she participated in OptiFuel’s first equity financing round through FDLD, providing consulting services during the first year of the investment. Subsequently, in July 2023, Heinz assumed a position on the Board, and then joined the executive management team in 2024. Cynthia plays a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives, advancing public-facing communication, and overseeing investor relations.

Education & Community

Cynthia holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University – College Station. In 2014, Cynthia earned the prestigious Dean’s Leadership and Service Award from the McCombs School of Business in recognition of her substantial contributions to the Texas MBA Program. This esteemed honor was bestowed based on recommendations and votes from both faculty and peers.

Cynthia served an instrumental role in the establishment of the Sister City program between Kumamoto, Japan, and San Antonio, Texas. Heinz became a Paul Harris Fellow through Rotary International in 2000 for her support of foreign education and humanitarian programs and continues to pursue her passion for others within the community. Other accomplishments include serving as the lead consultant on a business plan to create sustainable cancer centers in third world countries, service on the UT EMBA Legacy Scholarship Fund committee, serving on the Board of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, and holding national advisory board seats for Wisewear and Lilly Oncology.